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Massage Body

Surround yourself with nature, listening to the murmuring somewhere, an enchanting melodic music, you like melted and you are no longer needed as the chain on fatigue, stress … One of the primary use is body massage. It has the … Continue reading

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Hair Removal (Waxing) is a measure of hair removal safe and effective, can take root hairs short and reduce the supply of nutrients to the hair germ, hair will grow back more sparse, softer, lighter colors. Waxing can be done … Continue reading

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* Facials: (Slogan: Shining skin with Le Kha Spa) Basic skin care Is skin care for men Professional care for every skin type: Often until skin care dry skin Combination Skin Care Scalp care Acne treatment Treatment pigmentation, freckles Aging … Continue reading

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Hand & foot

Exposure to chemicals, ultraviolet rays, making travel more hands and your feet are dry, hardened, brown spots, strain. With little free time of his, Le Kha Spa invites customers to enjoy Parasin therapy (skin wax) is extracted from beeswax and … Continue reading

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