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These foods help to rejuvenate your skin

Dark morning drink a glass of water Drinking enough water is conditions to ensure the health and beauty, especially women. Water shortage will cause premature aging of their bodies; skin “water shortage” that takes away the shiny look and smooth. … Continue reading

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Reduce stress effectively

Here are eight ways in which the psychologist and the doctor suggested we apply to reduce the effective stress and live more comfortably. Walk The study showed that anxiety, stress cause daily headache, muscle hardening and can increase blood pressure. … Continue reading

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Care for dry skin in cold days

Cold and dry, you’re lazy skin care. Do not make your skin fall into the state gray, parched Nhe, a few simple skin care in winter can be useful for you. Dinner should supplement vitamin C Dinner you should add … Continue reading

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“Mistake” while using jojoba matsa fines

Growth cycle of skin is 28 days, with increasing age, the skin’s growth cycle increasingly long. If skin bleaching continuous growth rate of skin have not kept pace, resulting in the face, forehead bruise full year. To limit the response … Continue reading

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“Mistake” in drinking water

Many women do not have drinking water, experts tell us, water helps our bodies to promptly eliminate toxins and maintain beautiful smooth skin, internal body be purged, comfortable. But do not drink much water at once, or they will damage … Continue reading

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Mask without applying lotion?

There are many women that do not need to apply lotion every day, just a week skincare mask 2 times that were, because cream contains chemicals, much less damage to skin , this approach is not correct. skin’s natural we … Continue reading

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