The relaxation therapy arms, legs

Exposure to chemicals, ultraviolet rays, making travel more hands and your feet are dry, hardened, brown spots, strain. With little free time of his, Le Kha Spa invites customers to enjoy Parasin therapy (skin wax) is extracted from beeswax and orange flavor, natural lemon flavor, you will be relaxed, sometimes hands, his feet became pink and smooth.

This is a new method to help moisturize the skin and remove dead cells. So your skin will absorb the essence of good skin care products heat, warm the wax has been melted to effective treatment against rheumatism, sweating hands and feet.
You become more soft and feminine when you’re really interested in the hands of her pearls and Guaranteed.


B1: Take dead skin and clean your hands, feet skin with sand particles derived from Apricot, Vitamin C gel

B2: Massage with natural oils

B3: Continue to clean the skin with warm water, or rose water.

B4: Mask Seaweed, mud or a mixture of fresh fruit, masks Thai Easy … to mask for 15 minutes to penetrate the skin.

B5: Mask Parattin special way, to mask the effects and provide the highest efficiency. Time is 20 minutes.

B6: The end of the treatment process and apply hand cream and foot skin

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