* Facials: (Slogan: Shining skin with Le Kha Spa)

  1. Basic skin care
  2. Is skin care for men
  3. Professional care for every skin type:
    • Often until skin care dry skin
    • Combination Skin Care
    • Scalp care
    • Acne treatment
    • Treatment pigmentation, freckles
    • Aging skin treatment, harm
    • Sensitive skin care
    • Anti-wrinkle eye
    • Raising the anti and driving
  4. Care face special
    • Collagen mask wrinkle, anti aging, anti-deep eye shadow and make instant,…
    • Facials with masks fall as skin lightening mask, reached as to lighten the skin, moisturizing mask the health, skin care mask hot velvet express …
    • Facials Collagen mask with premium, whole of Germany, Singapore, Korea, Australia, America …
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