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– Causes of obesity:

For most people, obesity means weight gain. International experts define “gain” is the phenomenon of excess weight can, it includes muscles, fat, bone and water, and “obesity” is only related to excess fat.

premium phenomenon only occurs when the body absorbs more calories leha consumption. The cause of this imbalance vary, depending on each person, may be due to psychological, hereditary, or due to living …. Some other causes such as reduced thyroid, depression, or neurological disorder causing cravings.

Obesity is not only a cosmetic problem but also to influence health (diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and stroke, or certain cancers such as colorectal cancer, cancer prostate, breast cancer, endometrial cancer, cervical cancer in women …)

inferiority is probably one of the worst consequences of obesity in particular and for women in general. Society tends to be polished beauty with a slim, slim, graceful … Making obese people feel ugly. So solve the obesity not only improve physical health but also improves the psychological problems of patients were overweight, obese.

Many people have come to learn the fat loss methods such as exercise, diet. However, two methods mentioned above are not easy to implement, fast and efficient is not as much as we expected.

Currently in Le Kha Spa has successfully applied the method to lose weight safely and effectively. It is the combination of Sauna, Massage to melt fat, preventing the formation of new fat tissue, and combined with your slimming European and American technology to melt fat under the radiation of energy intensity high, the cells quickly receive energy resolution and become free state; to burn fat under the influence of electric negative pressure, fat cells were able to resolve the waste from the body and the the body under the biological effects of wave after slimming, skin and ready to restore elasticity without any side effects, suitable for many objects need to reduce the different newspapers. This therapy will be effective within a maximum of 4 weeks, weight loss, body healthy, safe, and you did not expect in your own body.

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