Massage with hot stones

Senseless stones seem strange attraction not only for appearance but also the power source hidden inside with the ability to awaken emotions and senses. Hot Stone Massage affects the human body as a wave caused by tiny vibrations, generated by the difference or temperature change, enhance energy in the body through deep and stimulating activities the inner strength, the body weight of the body.

So hot stone massage also works very well in the blood circulation in the body, feeling relaxed, stimulating relaxation, helps your body excrete toxins, reduce stress muscles, nerves, have channels and reduce fatigue, especially to add new vitality to the human body after hours of work stress. In addition, energy from hot rocks in combination with a variety of different therapeutic essential oils also help treat certain diseases such as nephritis, degenerative spine, remove wrinkles, as fat and slim body … their natural ability to also bring unexpected effects in the treatment of problems of human health.

Stone absorb toxins from the body, reducing inertia, balanced moods, antidepressant treatment and support issues muscles, bones and joints. The stone massage is not the same size will be in charge of different roles in the transmission, resulting in heat on certain acupuncture points in the body. Hot stone massage is considered an effective remedy to help the body restore energy, feel good, relieve stress and prolong life. The routine helps improve skin becomes more smooth

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