Massage to relax

One of the primary use of massage is the life of recovery and mental health promotion.

Agree said basic organs of the continent, the continent’s body is to maintain the normal operation of the optical functions, energy must be always flow, circulation. On the path of energy that is often referred to as economic optimism exist many acupuncture points (business director). Says otherwise, of the inner avenue is distributed throughout the body is the path of energy in the body. Agree what is called “Gas” and “Blood” is the first regular flow of economic optimism of the human body.

the generally of the same nature, the other in terms of “Qi” can explain the energy and vitality that today we still see it. Pairing two words into one, common name is “blood gas” and also the body’s energy flow in the optimism business.

same time, for the energy to say: business communication is regular, that is always flowing like water, so-called “sight glass”. Thus the energy flow of “blood gas”, or “sight glass” is completely different from the circulatory system or nervous system of modern medicine, but based on Eastern concepts of modern medicine, to trifsuwj single human life is an indispensable material, so one of the treatments as to how power continuously for smooth flow, the blood of therapy is the application of Le Kha Spa public, provide high efficiency, stimulate emotions, pleasant, interested in reducing your stress.

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