Body care

– Removing dead cells from the body, body mask, massage, soak tub

Da da face and body, which is affected by the natural aging process, each day there are many dead skin cells, sebum deposited in the pores also contribute to outer skin layer becomes thicker, coarse tubercles. So every day to clean a bathroom with shower gel usual. Then each week we need to merge to use more granular exfoliant to remove dead cells twice a week, to help smooth the skin becomes smoother.

Process will be conducted as follows:

B1: Sauna medicine, or a good oil to detoxify and stimulate the circulatory system.

B2: Take dead cells are extracted from apricot seeds from the papaya, lemon extract … effects do not dry your skin, remove dead cells, the accumulated gunk off the skin, and skin regeneration effect, making the red white and soft.

B3: Masssage with natural oils, the scent of essential oils can relieve headaches, ru you to sleep, reduce stress nerve.

+ Lemongrass oil has relaxing effects, optical awaken the senses, as well exclusive on the skin surface.

+ Oai oil field feels cool, stimulating the senses, treat headaches, indigestion and premenstrual syndrome.

+ Eucalyptus oil, cinnamon, mint, orange, grapefruit, … gives you the feeling of anxiety and serenity, reduce stress amnesia patch, fragrant, warm, charming.

B4: For a full body mask with the mask: pure sludge originating from Australia, the placenta Goat, mixed fresh fruit … provide essential vitamins for your skin, make skin red and white, good health.

B5: Finally a warm soak in the tanks with fresh rose petals or essential oils.
Time to implement such a process in time is 180 minutes, the skin effect is a smooth swallowing, smooth, bright and cheery spirit.

This method is absolutely no side effects so you can be completely secure. Depending on income level, condition, time … you can reward yourself each month 1 or 2 times, you will see the effective period of the beauty of this method, the skin will actually speak up when you come to Le Kha Spa.

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